Project 365- This Day Freebie!

My second kit for the SYTYCD contest. This contest for me is about having fun for me and sharing my talent in the form of free kits for you! I have always loved doing freebies and this is a good excuse as any. I hope you enjoy the kit and let me know if you like it~

You can download it from HERE Enjoy!

and the papers:

4 Responses to “Project 365- This Day Freebie!”

  1. anneofalamo Says:

    thank you twice!
    I won the humorous at dsa(dead bird) and won GC from you…I didn’t know where you sold, so went on a hunt and so glad I did…you have very beautiful designs and a fun attitude in life!
    I only knew you as the lady with alot of water in her tailpipe! lol I didn’t connect the two….duh on me
    but thank you!

  2. KrisG Says:

    BEAUTIFUL kit…. love those metal tags. Gorgeous papers…. goodluck and THANK YOU!!!!

  3. Jan Says:

    Faith, I just love the 365 kit you make. The bent metal tage are fab. Thank you so much. I left you some praise in the SYTYG kit gallery.

  4. Lady Says:


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