A FREE boy kit!

Brand new and never been seen before All you have to do is go HERE and the links are available for download. Leave me a comment to let me know you like it!

Here is a preview of the kit:

6 Responses to “A FREE boy kit!”

  1. Heather Says:

    thanks so much for the kit.. love it..

  2. emma Says:

    thank you for sharing…this is beautiful.

  3. birdgran Says:

    Tahnk you for a lovely boys kit

  4. grandma Says:

    Thank you so very much

  5. krisann Says:

    Oh I love this one. I have a little boy & little girl. This kit & the colors are perfect for them both.

    Good luck in the contest. It’s SO FUN to watch all the designers with their different styles.

  6. Naz Says:

    I missed this one, it’s not on the digiscrapsaddicts anymore, will you be putting link on your blog plz? I really wanted to use your kit for a fathers day siggie. Hope you can help. MAny thans Naz,.

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