Birthday week = a Freebie a day

So my birthday is coming up Friday and I am tired of really celebrating me and I want to make it fun for you!  My wonderful and amazing team has created quickpages and each day I am giving them away!  Enough quickpages and you will have an album.


Each girl has picked a different kit to work with and if you hang in until Friday you may get more than just a quickpage!


The first page comes from Kate.  She is an amazing scrapper. I could not even fathom to scrap the way she does.  She definitely fills her pages with so much activity that you have to sit and look and be amazed at the work she has done and put into her pages.


Kate used Tabloid Hush


LINK to Quickpage

6 Responses to “Birthday week = a Freebie a day”

  1. MB Says:

    What an amazing work of art. This is so unique; thanks for sharing. I hope your birthday is the best ever!!

  2. robyn Says:

    That QP is adorable! So beautiful! You should post your blog link on my “Lovely Layouts Tuesday” post


  3. Shiloh Says:

    Thank you for the beautiful page.

  4. martina fegan Says:

    Thank you for sharing your talents with us

  5. Margie Says:

    Fabulous work on the QP I LOVE it!

  6. KayBee Says:

    Thank you–it’s lovely!

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