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Me back in the day and my dear husband too!

October 9, 2008

So I went to this funny site and yearbooked dh and me.  Click on the image to yearbook yourself and have fun!


Another freebie

October 9, 2008

Why am I giving stuff away you ask?  Well I just love creating and I am afraid to bombard all of my stores with a million and one itrems and sometimes I just feel like sharing.  So if you want me to keep sharing let me know.  I also very much appreciate my customers who purchase from me as well, you help to pay my bills!  LOL.

Here is a really cute freebie for thoseo f you with babies and those of you with some old photos like me that still need to be scrapped!

First Words- click the photo to open the link in a new window and enjoy!

Color Challenge is BACK!

October 2, 2008

Brand new color challenge at Live Out Loud Scraps. If you participate and post by October 31st you will receive this lovely freebie for fall.