I am just flat wore out, exhausted and I need to resurface to breathe.  I am playing chauffeur. Running my siblings around for this and that.  Today I gave my brother a bicycle (still needs air in the tires) and ran him around town to pick up applications.  I know the manager at one store so I may have to talk to her to get him in for an interview.  This will be his first job but the place I am referring to is a sandwich place so he should be fine there.

Also, Arthur has become so independent and he thinks he’s grown.  Problem is his mouth thinks he is too- and he is talking back and whining way too much. I told him he wasn’t turning 4 this year, LOL.  I told him he could stay 3 until he decided he wanted to act like a big boy.  That’s when the ship he was sailing halted and he told me he wanted to be 4 in a whiny voice.  At least he stopped acting like a miscreant for about 5 minutes. He is turning 4 in one week.  How time flies.  He is having a birthday party this coming Saturday and we set up a cheap rubber ring pool and have a filter running in it- but I don’t knowhow to maintain it.  I guess I will figure it out by Saturday!

Also today I drove the air conditioned car- it was nice.  Hubby sprayed for ants last week and they disappeared.  Well, we thoughtthey had disappeared.  They just moved to another door and it happened to be driver side but thankfully I was not bit up. Speaking of I need to ask dh to spray again.

One Response to “Whew”

  1. yangtanw Says:

    that’s so cute of your little boy. i had the same experience with my little nephew – him trying to prove he’s a grown up and all. ahh kids!

    a gentle reminder to dear faith, remember to put on some OFF lotion to get away with ant bites… well just in case they resurrected from the car you know? *LOL*

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