Lukewarm Chicken?

Today was my brother’s birthday.  I have 3 brothers so let’s be more specific- it was my brother Josiah’s birthday.  I was going to have a nice day just me and my son, but no my sis pulled me in to make a birthday dinner for him with homemade german chocolate cake and homeade strawberry-blueberry ice cream.  Hmm-Yuummmm. The kicker?  it was at my house so I am staring at a pile of dirty dishes as I write, hee hee.

Anyhoo- the biggest decision I had to make today in 105 degree weather was which car I should drive being that my almost 4 year old son, my sister and her 4 month old son were all riding with me.  A car with no working AC (actually went out just as summer started and just needs a recharge, someone please talk to dh, LOL) or a car with a working AC with a starter that could go out at any time, very large and also infested with ants!  I chose the AC-less car. 

A hot crying infant- a hot crying 4 year old and cold chicken in a hot car soon become a mess and they all need to wind up in teh same place- home. My livingroom which is usually a freezing temp of 60 was struggling to beat the outdoors temps and keep us cool.  Maybe I should just heat my house to 115 so that when I go outside- I will be much cooler.

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