Change of Plans

I was so relieved yesterday to get a call from my sister saying they are not moving in to their apartment until Friday.  Phew!  That clears up my day a lot and Arthur and I plan to have some fun today. We are hanging out with dear old MOMS club pals at the park and doing a little swimming on the lake.  Arthur is a little daredevil so we are bringing his life jacket for sure! He thinks he’s invincible.

I just uploaded some photos from last week on the computer so I decided I want to post some of my favorites.  My little man is a charmer- he likes the ladies, LOL.  Anyways he is always telling me how cute a girl is or how pretty their hair is and he likes their pink clothes.  Stuff like that.  Well a friend of mine (a friend for almost 4 years now) has a 2 year old and Arthur is smitten by her.  he held her hand and they were inseparable at the park the other day.  In this photo you can see why she likes her so much.  She has the cutest pigtails too.

arthurabby.jpg picture by faith_true

Here is another photo photo from church at Sunday.  He was outside enjoying the flowers (he loves flowers!)

arthurflowers.jpg picture by faith_true

and just another photo because I think he is so cute, but I am partial.

arthursweet.jpg picture by faith_true

OK well peace, love, happiness and all that other stuff.

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