Blog Revival!

Ok so I have not blogged in almost a year and blog was in desperate need of attention.  I didn’t even remember my blog addy!  How sad is that?  One of my CT actually linked me up and I discovered I did know my login name and password.  Cool huh?

Well lots has happened since I last blogged- I opened up shop with Victoria Feemster at Live Out Loud Scraps and I am now a proud designer at Shabby Pickle Designs!  I feel like God has truly blessed me in being able to get my name and my designs out there and although I have been design 2 and a half years now and still not as popular as some newer names I know that it takes time.

I am featured designer for Bella Scraps Magazine this month!  Wahoo!  I created a full sized kit exclusive to the magazine called S.S. Paradise.  I feel like it was perfect for the time of year, being that many enjoy cruises and summer vacations. 

I also just released two new kits just this morning! the fun thing about new releases at Shabby pickle is that on release days you can pick up the kits that day at 20% off!

Boy Nature by Faith with Free Add On 

Peacock Sunset by Faith

Check out some layouts in the gallery at SPD to see some awesome layouts with these kits! I hope to be back with updates at least once a week.  I will try not to abandon my blog, hee hee!


5 Responses to “Blog Revival!”

  1. bisontine Says:

    cool ! Thanks for the link Faith !

  2. Tracyfish Says:

    I like the new look! Great colors!

  3. southernmother Says:

    Love the new header Faith, it’s beautiful! Thanks for linking me up on your blogroll too!

  4. Wanda Says:

    Hurray to the ressurrection of this blog! I love the makeover!! You’re such a talented designer and I’m sure you’ll make it big in no time. You can count on us and we’re always here to help you out. *hugs*

  5. Crystal Says:

    Awesome blog chica!!! Thanks for the link too!! I still need to mine! lol!

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